New Jersey Renaissance Faire: May 18-19

Crossford is a village like any other in the English countryside in the 1500’s. Situated on the shores of beautiful Loch Liberty in the Duchy of Northumberland, Crossford is a shire that is a jewel in the cap of the noble Duke of Northumberland. Her fields are rich and her citizens filled with merriment and love of crown and country.

The story is mostly true. Most of the year, Crossford is truly like any good English town on any good English lake, but at those magical times of the year, the solstices and the equinox, the magic of the ancient woods that loom over Crossford come to life. Those fey woodlands are a link, a portal to different times and Crossford sits on ley lines that make her a destination for visitors out of time who come to Crossford to solve some dilemma in their lives.

Each year at the festival, the people of Crossford wait and see what figure out of myth and history arrives and help them find the way back on their paths.

For more information, please visit: NJ Ren Faire

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