Noises Off at the Kelsey Theatre: Jan 11-20

Prepare to meet a hilarious group of second-rate actors – the touring company of Nothing On (a play within the play), the night before opening at the (fictional) Grand Theatre. The actors struggle every which way with entrances, exits and getting props in their right place at the right time. As tensions mount the actors leave us wondering…will they get it right before opening night ?

A madcap tour of the run of the show follows, with missed cues, fluffed lines, slamming doors, on and offstage intrigue, and an errant herring all figuring in the plot of this riotous, uproarious comedy. Note: contains mild adult themes

For more information, please visit: Kelsey Theatre

The Kelsey Theatre is located at:
Mercer County Community College
1200 Old Trenton Road
West Windsor NJ

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